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Meet the Soul of VIBE

1&5. Particulate Filter Filter that protects against airborne biological agents such as Bacteria and Virus, and other particulate matter such as dust and pollution.

2. Nano Carbon Film Layer Made out of Biodegradable Cellulosic Membrane Nano film, a Natural polymer used in a wide rage of Medical applications, along with Copper Nano, Activated Carbon and Many Anti Microbial Ingredients.

3. Support Fabric Virgin Non-Woven Support layer to hold the Nano Membrane film Coating & 3D Crystal Coating.

4. Honeycomb Structured Filter 3D Crystal Coating, that evaporates the protective outer shield of the virus particle, and kills the virus itself instantly with osmatic imbalance.

VIBE Technology



VIBE Standards Applied

  • Antiviral - Filter - IS-18184
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency - Filter - ASTM 2101 :2019
  • Particulate Filtration Efficiency - Filter - ASTM F2299
  • Water Resistance Impact Penetration - Outer Layer Fabric- AATCC - 42:2013
  • Breathability Resistance Mask with Filter - IS-16289
  • Wicking Ability - Inner Layer of Fabric- AATCC 197:2013
  • Anti Bacterial Activity - Filter Layer - IS-20742: 2007
  • Anti Bacterial Activity - Outer Layer of Fabric after 5/15 & 25 washes- IS-20743

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Shielding people from Virus, Bacteria & Pollution


5 layers of filters with copper, zinc and activated carbon for utmost protection

Hand washable upto 25 times

Every Mask comes with 25 replaceable filters

A perfect fit for everyday use

Available in four different sizes

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