ISO 18184 – Determination of Antiviral Activity of Textile Products

ISO 18184 is an antiviral textile test that measures virucidal antimicrobial activity on textiles and other porous materials.The ISO 18184 test standard


Material-Level Evaluation of Particulate Filtration Efficiency

TPACC has developed a new material-level evaluation of particulate filtration efficiency for materials that could be implemented for mask particulate


Impact Penetration Testing for Textiles Part 1

Impact penetration tests measure the resistance of fabrics to the penetration of water by impact. The test was developed to predict the probable rain penetration



Air permeability is the ability of a fabric to allow air to pass through it. While air permeable fabrics tend to have relatively high moisture vapor transmission, it is not necessary to be air permeable to be

air filter

Particulate Air Filtration

Particulate air filters are classified as either mechanical filters or electrostatic filters (electrostatically enhanced filters). Although there are many important performance differences between the two


Moisture Wicking Fabrics

A comparative in-vitro assessment of the performance characteristics that make them suitable for the management and prevention of Moisture Associated Skin Disorders. Vertical Wicking1 – Samples


ISO 20743:2013

ISO 20743:2013 specifies quantitative test methods to determine the antibacterial activity of all antibacterial textile products including nonwovens. ISO 20743:2013 is applicable to all textile products,


Contact killing and antimicrobial properties of copper

With the emergence of antibiotic resistance, the interest for antimicrobial agents has recently increased again in public health. Copper was recognized in 2008


Human Coronavirus 229E Remains Infectious on Common Touch Surface Materials

The evolution of new and reemerging historic virulent strains of respiratory viruses from animal reservoirs is a


Anti-microbial copper masks could destroy coronavirus in seconds

New research has suggested copper could be under-used in the fight against coronavirus, with masks killing the virus in in record speed. Compared to cloth or plastic masks,


Should you count on copper?

This trendy metal can kill coronavirus in just minutes - and will bring a healthy glow to your home. There's no escaping copper. Go into any trendy bar or hotel and you're bound to spot it, whether it's a statement


Copper Kills SARS-CoV-2 In 4 Hours: Faster Than Any Other Surface Tested

An early release of a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine tested the survivabilty of the virus that causes


Stay Hydrated - The Ayurvedic Way

Drinking water stored in a copper water bottle has a number of benefits according to ancient Ayurvedic medicine. In particular, water stored in a copper vessel


Copper Facts: Antimicrobial Copper

In February 2008, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the registration of 275 antimicrobial copper alloys. By April 2011, that number

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