7 Layer Protection

1. Super Hydrophobic

Sustainable Woven - Superior Quality tightly weaved diamond structured fabric. Super hydrophobic coating finish for 25 washes. restricts the entry of airbone particles and droplets into Mouth/Nose area.

2 & 6. Particulate Filter

Airbone biological agents such as bacteria or virus can be filtered by this particulate filter. Also, it can filter the particulate pollution in various industries, including welding, grinding, sanding, sweeping, bagging, dry chemical handling, and paper processing.

3. Fluid Resistance Filter

Virgin hydrophobic Non-Woven layer with high water resistance and will restricts the airborne fluid particles to a great extent.

4. Nano Film Filter

Made out of Biodegradable cellulosic membrane nano film, A natural polymer used in a wide range of medical applications, like tablet coating. It helps to hold the active anti viral particles on the filter surface.

5. 3D Crystal Filter

3D crystal layer hydrophilic virgin non-woven fabric with 3D crystal coating. When the virus or bacteria containing droplet comes in contact with this coating surface, the water evaporates due to osmotic imbalance between the organism and the filter surface. Crystal surface punctures the virus present, killing them instantly.

7. Skin Friendly Fabric with Anti microbial & Wicking

High grade virgin synthetic fabric treated with N9 pure silver finish, works as anti-odor agent. Also has a wicking property to absorb sweat and saliva inside the Mask.

Why Copper?

Copper is an effective antiviral metal. It has been proven multiple times by the scientist across the world in various studies that it deactivate Viruses including Human Corona Virus in few minutes of contact.

We have extensively used Copper in our Antiviral Filter, which is tested multiple times against human Corona Virus 229E.

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